Government & Citizens

The application domain Government and Citizens services is very broad and diverse in nature. Some common items that are being elaborated in the AI program in this domain are: AI-supported techniques and tools for end-user interaction, technological compliance to trustworthiness and fairness of these services and personalization. Within the framework of these use cases the AI Research Program will closely collaborate with the Flemish Knowledge Centre Data and Society in view of the legal, ethical and societal aspects of artificial intelligence and data-driven applications.

Some actual use cases and demonstrators in these sectors are:

Use case Contact Person
AI In Recruitment Tijl De Bie, UGent
Personal Data Management Bart Buelens, VITO
Conversational Agents Walter Daelemans, UAntwerp
Recommender Systems Bart Goethals, UAntwerp

The goal of the use case “AI in Recruitment” is to help the VDAB (employment service of the Flemish Government) in its core task as an employment mediator. The focus will be on 3 personae, each with a corresponding PoC: job seeker, employer, and policy maker.

The Personal Data Management Use Case investigates and demonstrates the use of decentralized data platforms to allow individuals to take back control of their personal data. The key challenges of such a system relate to making the data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). While the basics of such systems already exist, many challenges remain, some of which are addressed in this use case, by considering schema mappings as the core technology.

We also have two use cases that relate to technological building blocks that can be applied to “smart spaces” in all application domains. In the use case on Conversational Agents we will focus on knowledge or common-sense integration, visual-dialog systems, personalization and dialog consistency. In the use case of Recommender Systems novel technologies will be demonstrated in the setting of an intuitive and transparent recommendation system (and interface) that will deliver personalized human-like recommendations for events (with cultural events as an example).

Multiple research groups collaborate on this research domain. The above table only mentions the contact person and his/her affiliation.

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